So you have downloaded a screen saver, now what?

First, open the zip file and extract the contents,

Run the EXE file associated with the screen saver you want,

You might get a pop up that tells you this file is from an unknown

source, that's ok, click on it, they have

all been run through

virus scan.

HOWEVER, I reccommend you run it through

YOUR virus scan before you install it.

The EXE will show an instalation screen,

it will automatically place

the files in the right place,

 just choose your drive, I recommend Cdrive.

There will be 3 options on the installation screen.

1. Place icon on desktop

2. Launch screen saver after installation

3. Make current screen saver.

You can make your choice but,

 I don't put an icon on my desktop.

This will install the files under


Now, your screen saver should come with music,

if you open your SS and there is no music, go

to your control panel, display, screen savers

and select the screen saver you just installed.

You will see a "settings" button.

Click that and see if the music is playing or mute.

If you want to hear the music, have it be playing,

if not make it mute.

I've tried to pick out  fairly popular and beautiful music

to go with the theme of the screen saver.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.